Rally Sweden


A shovel is a mandatory piece of equipment to have in every car in case you get stuck in the snow and have to dig the car out.


It’s the only rally in the calendar where you can use the side of the road (snowbanks) to maintain speed trough corners


Since it’s debut in 1973 till 2004, only Scandinavians managed to win the rally. Sebastien Loeb was the first non-Scandinavian to win it.


Eyvind Brynildsen holds the record for the longest jump, measuring 45 meters. It was achieved in 2016 with a Ford Fiesta R5.

List of Stages & more

Värmland, Sweden

Sweden, the most anticipated rally of the season because it marks the beginning of a new era in the Romanian RallySim scene. This very fast rally, with it’s narrow roads covered in snow and ice, with snow banks that will keep you on the road even if you’re scared of the very slippery white snow, will make the drivers give their all right from the start of the season, will make them study every corner, every apex and every trap layed out on these cold stages. The tall trees will keep the light from the sun at it’s minimum and the snow storms that won’t allow you to see 5 meters in front of you will make you drop an unbelievable amount of time if you can’t trust your codriver. Drive slowly, keep your head up and don’t give up. It’s a rally that reward the strong ones, the hard working drivers that keep fighting even if the odds are against them.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Snow banks are you're friends until they aren't, lean on them don't abuse them
  • Short shift, sideways and half throttle is safe
  • First round, make sure you finish you don't want to start DRS S1 with a dnf
  • High RPM's keep the wheels spinning so be carefull with RWD.


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