Rally USA


It is the American version of the WRC Rally Finland


It has a rally village where you can watch exhibitions, listen to music and eat food from vendors


An appreciation BBQ for volunteers is organised saturday night in the rally village


It features the most airtime out of any rally in America

List of Stages & more

New England, USA

USA, the second fastest rally of the season makes the transition from snow to gravel. This second round probably has the best scenery in our calendar, with it’s autumn palette of colours and it’s beautiful blue, flowy rivers. Located in the New England region, the stages of this rally are fast, tricky but not extremely tehnical, fact that makes it perfect for our players to shake off some rust and get used to the gravel. But still, it’s a hard rally, not because of the layout of the stages, but because of the hidden rocks and small traps covered by tall grass. If you’re willing to risk, you might win precious seconds but also you might end up with a broken wheel or cracked radiator. 
My advice? Take advantage of the insides of the corners but be carefull on what your codriver has to say.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't use the handbrake all the time, Scandinavian flick-it
  • Watch out for inside jump when cutting corners
  • Use higher gears for more confidence
  • Clean is fast


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