Rally Germany


19,000 metres of cable and wires are necessary for the TV Production covering this rally


It is said that it’s in fact three rallies into one because every day has it’s own distinctive character. From vineyards to military ground, this rally has them all


The first time Rally Germany was held it was on Friday 13th and it had over 500km of special stages


It’s reffered to as the summer’s Rallye Monte-Carlo due to it’s complex tyre choices

List of Stages & more

Baumholder, Germany

Germany, probably the most loved asphalt rally in the calendar. Taking place on and around the military training ground of Baumholder, this rally is known for it’s difficulties and it’s slippy paved sections. The main characteristic the drivers will have to face is represented by the Hinkelsteins. These huge kerbstones burried alongside the road are the biggest enemy, one small hit and you’re gonna get at least a puncture. This military training land used by the USA Army in the past is covered with small a layer of dust that makes the asphalt slippery in the dry and treacherous in the wet. We advise you to be very carefull on the notes, because a small miss of the braking point can make you go in the hinkelsteins and from there on your chances of victory are very slim.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Abuse the braking, test brake power and brake bias
  • If you downshift to agressive you will unsetle the car on entry
  • Use as much as possible of the road
  • Exit of the corner before a straight is very important


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