Rally Finland

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Jämsä, Finland

Rally Finland (formerly known as Rally of the Thousand Lakes) takes the world's best rally drivers and... fans to the Finnish forests. Sooth and blisteringly quick gravel roads, buried among forests and lakes, are characterised by massive stomach-churning jumps. The fastest rally in the championship and the one that every driver wants to win. Bravery and commitment are essential here more than anywhere else. One mistake on a big jump and you're... out ! Our best advice could be to be carefull, but in the same time this is a very fun rally with a lot of big jumps. This rally is a big challenge for the driver, but we think the biggest challenge is for the CO-DRIVER.

Do's and Don'ts

  • if laking confidence use higher gear instead of banging on the rev limiter
  • clipping the ditch at high speed can be good but extremely risky
  • settle the car before a jump
  • link jump with next corner


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