Rally Wales

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Powys, Wales

Wales, our last and the most important rally of the season, is the largest and most high-profile motor rally in the United Kingdom. The event predates the championship and has been run over 70 times since 1932Due to the CO-VID 19 pandemic, in 2020 this Rally was cancelled. In DRS, Wales will have a double coeficient, which means that there will be 24 stages, instead of 12, 2 weeks to drive, instead of one, and... double points ! This rally is a challenge for all of us, because is a gravel rally, full of potholes and unevenness, and on the side of the road you almost always can find wood logs, that can be fatals for your car and for your championship standing.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Last round, double points bring it home.
  • Don't flat out, be consistent and keep the lines
  • Be carefull of the banks, they are hard and unforgiving
  • Don't overcut when it's not needed
  • Be very precise on jumps, they can send you flying offroad
  • It's a rally with double points and km's so think your strategy. It's a win or lose rally.


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